Hello Road Warriors! 

Calling all sales reps, diplomats, photographers, journalists, military personnel, musicians, yacht crews, archeologists, foreign aid workers, and everybody else who finds themselves away from home for their professional calling.

We are rowdy. We are a fiercely independent tribe of doers, explorers, and free spirits. We all have a collection of outlandish, scary, eye-opening, heart warming and practical stories to share and learn from. 

Working remotely is freedom at it’s finest, and can also feel like you are on an island. In the age of information and social-connectivity, science says humans are lonelier than ever. We have our own struggles balancing family, friends, hobbies and health with our crazy-ass jobs.

Honeypot Hustle Podcast: We are gonna get into the hard stuff. Interviews, stories, lifestyle management tips, and general ridiculousness for your ears. Would love to hear your stories too!! Drop a sound bite or send an email. 

Creating Your Mobile Office: Notes on minimizing your office needs, and tips on how to use technology and available resources to get everything done effectively and efficiently without toting your entire desktop.  

Skincare and Beauty: I am a tomboy. I don't even own a hairdryer. However, I do care about taking care of my skin and hair, those are natures foundations! You need less makeup and "maintenance" if you keep the foundation healthy. Constantly changing environments, being in dirty cities or dry deserts, and lack of sleep all lead to the deterioration of your skin. Keep yourself looking young and fresh with a few little tricks!

Health and Fitness: I love doughnuts, and queso, and sleep. I also like fitting into pants. Such a hard balance. It is too easy to fall off the the healthy bandwagon when you have zero daily routine. Make time for yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Accessories: Can I close million dollar deals while being comfortable, cute, professional, and warm? YUP, and so can you. Favorite finds from four years of business travel.

Cities: This is honestly just a section of notes for myself to remember things that I like and places I've stayed! Feel free to browse :) 

I am fortunate enough to have a career that involves a significant amount of travel. My mother gave me the adventure bug at a very young age, and neither of us have slowed down since. As long as I can remember, all I wanted was to make my living through travel and learning. By being open to new opportunities, taking risks, and working incredibly hard, here I am! So grateful for this life, and wouldn't trade it for anything.