Charleston, South Carolina


Sheldon Church

Living in any city, we can become jaded and numb to the beauty and history around us. This trip was the beginning of a renewed dedication to exploring Charleston and the surrounding areas with fresh eyes and the same hunger for learning we experience oversees or on a vacation. 

Sheldon Church is only 45 minutes from home and well worth the drive. Not knowing what to expect on this crisp clear September day, we packed a lunch (which should always include a bottle of Champagne!) and hit the road. 

Driving outside of the city reminds one of how rural South Carolina actually is. Charleston can be come incredibly congested and frustrating to navigate through. Drive 20 minutes and the hustle and bustle fades into expanses of marsh, pine trees, and double wides.

Turning off highway 17 and finding the little parking lot (Siri isn't so good in the backcountry), there was a calming sense of place. Walking into the sacred grounds of the church was nothing short of arresting. The sun was filtering through the old oaks onto the ruins of Sheldon Church .

The basic history of these grounds give a basic sense of the history of this area of South Carolina. Originally built between 1745 and 1755 and known as the Church of Prince Williams Parish. It was then burned by the British army in 1779, but rebuilt in 1826. It was burned AGAIN by the Federal Army in 1865. What reminds today is the brick bones of the last rebuild. The grounds are maintained enough so one can explore without knee-high snake boots, picnic tables are even off to the side, and wedding ceremonies are still held here. 

This was a perfect first exploration to find the hidden simple luxurious beauty that surrounds us. I encourage a trip! 

The Belmont. Charleston, SC

The Belmont. Charleston, SC

The Belmont

One of my favorite cocktail bars in Charleston. The bartenders are a wealth of knowledge, and have yet to steer me wrong. Yummy and beautiful Pisco Sour pictured here. The frontage windows are giant and perfect little private nooks for date night while being able to watch King Street go by. Great little snacks too!