What is in my 24 hour bag!

What is in my 24 hour bag!

Mini Pouch With Overnight/Redeye Flight Essentials

Yes, this is perfect for an overnight at a dudes house when you not at the "having your own drawer" stage yet. More importantly though, it is always in my carry on in case my luggage doesn't arrive with me, or I get stuck overnight somewhere. It has saved me many times already!

Build your own, but below is what I carry.

  1. Wet Wipes 
  2. Deodorant
  3. Face Lotion
  4. Mini Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  5. A hydrating face mask for long flights (See Link in "Skincare & Beauty" section to Laneige)
  6. Fresh panties! 
  7. Mascara