Laneige Bright Renew Capsule Sleeping Mask


Save the skin on long flights! 

Airplanes typically have 8% humidity. That is more dry than the Sahara. 

Skin can feel like you've been in the desert for a week towards the end of a long flight. I used to bring a tiny bottle of face lotion to continuously reapply during the trip. That always felt a bit gross though, and like I was just slathering for the sake of slathering. 

A colleague who also flies a lot for her job introduced me to these little gems! They are intended to be overnight sleeping masks. Since they are clear and once they are dry don't look like anything, I put them on before long plane trips. Currently sitting in an airport actually, with my "face mask" on, and nobody is the wiser! You have to be comfortable not wearing makeup though. Maybe just lashes and lips. 

They come in little individual pods, so each use is super hygienic and clean. Handy to be able to pop the perfect portion in your makeup case for the return flight home.