Embracing the inner nerd :)

Embracing the inner nerd :)


Mophie Juice Pack Air

This is one of the best tech purchases I have ever made. It is a high impact case that is ALSO an external battery pack! Brilliant. This baby has saved my booty so many times.

Long travel days when you unequivocally need your phone for mobile check in, music, keeping up with work as you go. At your destination you need extra battery for GPS to get you to the hotel, text or call a colleague, or summon the almighty Uber in the wee hours of the morning. 

Plug the charger directly into the bottom of the case, which charges your phone through the case. You don't have to worry about charging two separate devices, it's all one thing. 

I am a klutz and drop my phone often. This case is super protective and hasn't let me down yet! Do buy a screen protector though. 

Mophie is a solid company that stands by their products. Have gone through several cases over the years and they have always been super helpful.