About Fitness:

Every few years, I get fat. Not in a bad way. Just put on an extra 15 lbs or so. Seriously, I fill out well, and am confident with my body. So I usually don't notice until I either get on a scale, or have to put pants on. Then I laugh uproariously at myself, and pull my shit together. It's usually due to a combination of factors, and usually in the summer. Some reasons include: traveling and not making time for fitness, eating garbage, wearing dresses and not having to squeeze my ass into pants, still getting laid (still sexy!), my lack of self control for queso, stress eating, being lazy, blah blah blah. And like I mentioned, I look great with some extra squish. 

After my last bout with bulge, I decided it was the last time. It is an entire lifestyle change. There is no magic diet, magic pill, or magic workout that will make you fit and thin. It is a lot of reeeeeeally hard work, tough decisions, and taking pride in your results. 

Everybody has different methods for what works for them, and they change over time.  I am by no means an fitness expert, so this sections is simply some of the things I have learned from living out of a suitcase for the past 2 years while maintaining a HEALTHY fitness level. 

About Health:

A business traveling lifestyle is ultra hard on the body. The muscles, the immune system, the feet, the skin, whatever the thing is that needs sleep.....Therefore, I have dedicated myself to taking excellent care of myself!

Mantra: You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

This is about nurturing yourself and taking care of the overall YOU. Inside and out. Again, I am by no means an expert in this arena. Please do what works for your body. Hope you find some tools that will help you stay healthy while living life to the fullest!!