Feeling So Pretty


My ultimate “I want to feel pretty today”

Start with the Touche Eclat brightening pen from Yves Saint Laurent for your under eye area. I am not entirely sure what is in this formula, but holy smokes it works. I use about 3 “clicks” for both eyes. Apply in a V and lightly dab inwards to blend. Don’t forget to touch the top lid just a bit as well. The internet says it can also be used for an illuminator for that rest of your contours, but I don’t know how to do all that!

For me, a foundation is too heavy. It feels like a mask. I tend to opt for tinted moisturizers, and have fallen in love with Laura Mercier. All of her products are gorgeously made, with the perfect texture and shade. It is just enough so “smooth” out my skin, without looking like I am wearing makeup. The perfect homage to her French heritage.

Dior Show Iconic in black is my all time favorite mascara. It goes on smoothly, doesn’t cake, and stays on all day without smudging. Unless of course it’s a billion degrees out, then you need to go waterproof, and I don’t own eye-makeup remover…..so thats just not an option. How do I take off my mascara you may be asking? Oil. Usually whatever my body moisturizer is at the time like apricot oil.

When I first realized that all these gorgeous females out here were using highlighter and not just being all magically glowy and dewy, I felt about 1000 times better about myself. Why didn’t anybody tell me this?!? When Home: Maya Chia Illuminating Serum is dope. You’ve got to really shake that bottle up, but it is so smooth, and bright, and seamless. Looks like I just got off the beach. When traveling: I really streamline products, liquids and glass. A makeup artist showed me the way towards “Creme de la Creme Eye Shadow” in Ivory by au Naturale Cosmetics. That right folks, I use a cream eye shadow as a highlighter, and it’s amazing. Do I also dab at the inside corners of my eyes to brighten them? Of course. Love those multi-purpose items.

Anybody else feel like Moby Dick in the winter? Skin all pale and dry? Fortunately Kindred Skincare Company created La femme body oil with a VERY fine mineral powder in it. So fine that your skin doesn’t sparkle, but gives that warm-off-the-beach glow that I want in my life at all times. Smells pretty tasty too.

Last but not least, the hair. I am blessed with good hair. Thank goodness for that, because not only do I genuinely lack talent in this department, but I also really don’t care. The Illumiating Hair Mist from Little Barn Apothecary changed that. It acts as a light texturized, and adds some sheen with some extremely finely ground mica powder. I don’t know what a Tonka Bean is but the smell of that and the Grapefruit is light and heavenly.

Forgetting perfume is my signature move. Having been in the wine business for so long, adding scent to anything is ingrained as terribly unprofessional. I also nicked this particular scent from one of my best girlfriends, because she always smelled so good! Don’t worry I asked. Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb is cozy and sexy, all year round.