Away Travel Luggage

I have been through many suitcases over the years, and this is by far my favorite. Insanely light, wildly durable, and the Large (pictured below) can hold enough for 2 weeks of business travel in the winter. Think all the big boots, and sweaters, and long-johns (yes I wear long-johns). The bottom wheels roll beautifully, the lock is secure, the handle is the perfect height, and it was reasonably priced!! The carry on has a back up battery and USB outlet to keep you charged up on the go. 

Away 1.jpg

Perfect Size

The large bag can hold a ton, without feeling like a beast. The shape is more of the "short and thick" style so never tips over. I am short (5'2"), so just hold the top handle. The extended handle is perfect for taller folks, or when I want to loop my purse over the top so everything is rolling, instead of weighing me down. 

Bag Back.jpg

The Inside

One side I keep as the "bucket" for all the big things like boots, my giant warm coat, toiletries, etc. which is all enclosed in a mesh zipper pocket.

The other side (not shown) holds all my clothing. Can fit 3 Paris pants, 3 Dresses, 6 tops, 3 Sweaters, 2 Blazers (fully extended!!), Gym Clothes, and all the underthings a lady needs. All is held into place with a compression system so nothing moves on the journey. 

Away 3.jpg


Weight is super important. A light bag will help keep you from going over the limit with the airlines, and allow you to heave this behemoth into taxi trunks, and pull it upstairs. Even in heels.