Deep Skin Hydration On The Move


Deep Skin Hydration on the Move SURVIVAL KIT

Yes, all of this is for men and women, although there is some pink involved. We talk a lot about how to keep the face, hydrated and glowing while on a plane every day or in dry climates. Particularly so for the lips and sensitive area around the eyes.

Kindred Skincare Company’s “Intense Moisture” feels and smells like everything is right with the world. It calms any irritation and hydrates for hours after application. Do to its particularly dense nature, it is best for sleep. If you want to use it for daytime, allow ample time (hours) for it to sink in before applying any skin makeup.

Honest Hazel’s Under Eye Treatments are magic. I leave them on for as long as possible, with a 30 minute minimum. This allows the tender eye area to absorb all the gooey goodness! They slip sometimes because the goop is so…..goopy, but that’s a small price to pay for eyes looking 10 years younger after. The goop includes high quality ingredients including Cactus Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Arbutin for dark circles and spots.

I used to think face mists were ridiculous. Until I tried the Rose Water & Aloe mist from Little Barn Apothecary. Perfect for long flights (be mindful of your seat mate) or long days. Particularly any trade shows or conferences with that gross recycled hotel air. Instantly refreshes makeup, hydrates the skin, and gives a yummy glow. Have I mentioned the light natural fragrance? No? Well, it smells like spring.

On the real though, sometimes you don’t have time for all this prevention. You haven’t slept well in 3 days, your sick/have allergies……and you look like sh*t. It’s time to bring in the big guns, and that means the Eye De-Puffer from Kiehl’s. It instantly lifts, tightens, and moisturizes. It is also fast drying so you can layer on that concealer you also desperately need.

Lips. Mine are allergic to everything. Except the Keihl’s Lip Balk #1. I may or may not (that’s a hard yes) use it around my nose and nostrils in the winter too. Wanna hear some weird science that will keep you healthy? The little hairs and natural membrane in your nostrils are the FIRST line of defense against breathing in germs. Use your finger, a q-tip, or even another product (we all know coconut oil is good for everything) and get up in there! I promise this will change your life, after you get over it being a little weird.