RENEW IV Spa on King Street. Charleston, SC

RENEW IV Spa on King Street. Charleston, SC


Get an Immune Boosting IV Directly Into Your Veins 

Last March I arrived home from 3 exhausting weeks in Europe. The body was dehydrated, low on energy, and with a throat tickle. Only having a 4-day turnaround before taking off again, there was no time to be sick. The normal tricks of Vitamin C, Garlic, tea and sleep were not going to cut it. I needed serious clinical intervention. Mustered the courage and went into Renew IV Spa a few blocks from my house and explained the situation to the nurse, and she set me up. 


The next day, after the fluids and vitamins had time to integrate into my body, I woke up feeling like a brand new woman! No jet-lag, no throat tickle, no nothing. I was hooked. Pun intended. 

The whole thing takes about an hour, depending on how fast your body absorbs the fluids. It is not painful, besides the obvious discomfort of having an IV. They have wi-fi, giant squishy chairs, Netflix, and blankets. Totally comfortable to get some work done or watch TV. 

This obviously isn't for everybody, especially if you are squeamish. Also, these clinics are not available everywhere. Have been back a few times when my body is totally destroyed from travel, and it has brought me back to life. The treatment is not cheap, but far less expensive then being sick, missing work, and canceling trips. Balance the scales and see which side you come out on. Use the internet to see if you can find one in your city!