The name of the game for your "when at home" workout is DIVERSITY. Get in as many different types of motions, movements, and workouts as possible when you are home. While traveling, you are restricted by time, equipment, and personal gear. Stay engaged and excited, while maximizing your limits and range of motion.  Try to find a gym that offers many different types of classes so you can maximize the options for the lowest price! 



Post workout with my Krav Maga coach, Matt Robinson. Owner of Charleston Krav Maga & MMA


We spend an absurd amount of time sitting. On a plane, on a car, in your office space. Aside from that, we often don't stretch enough after and between our intense workouts. There are a million benefits of yoga (research it, its true), but the simple physical benefits are undeniable. Stay limber, sleep better, avoid injury, and calm the mind.

Krav Maga or Mixed Martial Arts

First and foremost, STAY SAFE! When you learn Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, or anything similar, you gain so much more than just a workout. You are learning how to protect yourself while traveling. Humans can be really mean. Besides that, it's a killer workout. I ALWAYS need a rest day after my Krav class, as muscles I forgot existed are screaming.


I just discovered barre. It is way harder than it looks! No wonder Ballerinas are so cut, holy smokes. There seem to be many types of barre studios out there, all of which are very expensive. If you have the money, it's worth it. Fortunately for me, my gym offers classes as part of the monthly membership! Win. 


Tone. Define. Be strong. Burn calories after you leave the gym. So many benefits to lifting. If you have never gotten into it, ask for some advice from a trainer at the gym. Form is SUPER important so you don't hurt yourself! Or ask the internet for tips and correct form. The internet knows everything.