Cole Haan Grant Escape Suede and Shearling Driving Shoes

When traveling to a far destination, it always seems to be a battle between comfort and style. As much as we would like to just wear our pajamas on that 9 hour flight, its really not okay. While on a hunt for black flats that would keep my feet warm in the winter, these magical wonderful driving shoes came to me in the ever-beautiful form of Cole Haan. They have a downy and warm shearling lining that is as comfortable as your bedroom slippers. The rubber pod grips on the sole give it excellent traction while running to your next flight. Best of all, they embody  these traits while maintaining a sense of style. They are in essence, the perfect travel shoe when going anywhere with a chill in the air. I have walked for miles in these babies and my feet feel like they never left the house.